River Trips

Canoe , Kayak , Rafting and Tubes

Missouri Park Adventures Offers float trips on the Big river any day of the week!

After checking in with payment and signed release you are asked to park at the Big River Day Use Area beach where the crew will pick up and transport you and your gear to the put in spot and get you going on the water. Your float ends at the Big River Day Use Area where your vehicle is parked. To ensure we have the equipment and staff available reservations are recommended  All rentals must be secured with a credit card. All rentals include life jackets, paddles and transportation. Check-ins and transports begin at 9 am and end at 12pm. Meeting time is 30 minutes prior to departure and guests should be off the river by 6pm. Check-in is at the Thunderbird Lodge. For more details and to make reservations call 636-586-2995.

The 2021 season opens April 1st, 2021.

Lodge Hours:

April 1 - May 16

Friday-Sunday 10a-5p

Beginning May 17th

Monday-Sunday 9a-7p

For 2021 reservations contact us via

phone 636-586-2995

email info@missouriparkadventures.com

or here.

Thank you for your patronage.

​​​Non-renter Shuttle $20 per water craft


Three Mile float

transport begins 9am ends at Noon

Tube  1 person                     $25.00

Kayak 1 person                     $35.00

Kayak 2 Person sit on top       $50.00

Canoe 2 ppl                          $50.00

canoe 3-4 ppl                        $70.00

Small raft 1-4 ppl                   $110.00

Medium raft 1-6 ppl               $160.00

Large raft 1-8 ppl                  $220.00

Seven Mile Float

transport begins 9am ends 10:00am 

Kayak 1 Person                      $35.00

Kayak 2 Person sit on top        $50.00

Canoe 2 ppl                           $50.00

Canoe 3-4 ppl                        $70.00

When river conditions are favorable:

​Small raft 1-4 ppl                    $130

Medium raft 1-6 ppl                 $220

​Large raft 1-8 ppl                    $260